We have an in-depth knowledge and understanding of the global aviation industry including the operational, regulatory, commercial and insurance sectors. We have many years of experience working closely with our clients – large and small – in their offices and at their airports and airfields, in their maintenance and engineering facilities and in their insurance claims and legal departments. Our knowledge is as much technical as it is operational and legal.

Through experience we understand the cultural aspects and nuances of international business. We are international lawyers qualified in various jurisdictions, routinely handling and managing transactional and commercial work, claims and litigation around the world on behalf of a multitude of clients – from individuals to the largest airlines. First and foremost, we are business people, adept at helping to strategise, find solutions for our clients and ensure that we and the law are a legal partner rather than a last resort. We often resolve our clients’ disputes privately through mediation and arbitration and provide counsel as a respected and trusted advisor, consistently delivering practical advice and adding real value.